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World Youth Skills Day

Experience the thrills and excitements of the World Youth Skills Day celebration by the Global Youth Leaders' Forum, broadcasted on Saturday 17th July 2021. You can also invite your friends to watch.

About Us

The Perito Network is an Initiative of the Global Youth Leaders’ Forum designed to create an opportunity for young people to use their unique talents and skills for global impact. In achieving this, the network operates 3 key platforms: Digital Skills Trainings, Project Collaboration and a Mentorship Hub

Digital Skills Trainings

Learn new skills as you participate in the Perito Digital Skills Trainings. 

Project Collaboration

Have a skill? Collaborate with us to build innovative solutions forr global impact

Mentorship Hub

The Mentorship Hub is designed as a platform to facilite hands-on mentorship

Explore Opportunities

This is a family of professionals categorized with scripting and every other fields relating to writings, content creation and management.
• Social Media Influencing / product distribution
• Script Writing/Editing
• Voiceover Production
• TV Content Producers (Video Recordings, etc.)
• Song Writing
• Translations 

This is a job family for IT savvy youths and other fields of professionals relating to programming, app development and others
• App design and development
• Web Design
• Coding/programming 

This is a category for every aspect of still and motion graphics and every other skill connected to it.
• Still Graphics Designing
• Motion Graphics Designing
• Animation/Art Design
• Stage and Set Design
• Sound Production (Soundtracks, jingles etc.)
• Video Editing
• Photography 

This is a category for youth volunteers with specialized talent and skills in arts and craft
• Acting
• Dancing
• Singing
• Spoken words/poetry
• Instrumentalist and so on. 

Here, you can share your ideas, innovations and discoveries with us and also get promotion, support and a world class team to help bring your idea to fruition.


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